Streaming Mandarin instructional videos is a superb approach to boost your foreign language learning, along with a wide variety are freely available online. Although you may can’t travel to China quite yet, these Mandarin video resources can help you see and listen to the text doing his thing.


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It�s another wise decision to expand your watching habits by actually searching for full-length Chinese movies or another videos in Chinese. You can test to discover local movies with assorted language tracks or order DVDs online that can come from China/Taiwan region itself. Or else you can try to stream what is the news online, which if they are not speaking too rapidly could be a reference for practicing.


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CCTV streams countless Mandarin training videos online with free streaming, in addition to their Learn Chinese page is a great resource for college students, and a fun way of getting to know mainland China. The recording lessons range between survival Chinese for complete beginners to cultural studies content for advanced students.

Obviously, you cannot go wrong with China’s favorite foreign Chinese speaker, Da Shan. Da Shan (born Mark Roswell of Canada) may drive you crazy with his relentlessly perfect Chinese, but his instructional videos use a lot to show you. You will find older videos about the DashanTV YouTube channel, which inturn has stopped being maintained.

No Drama Real China doesn’t offer Mandarin language lesson videos, by itself, but students can certainly still take advantage of hearing street Chinese spoken by regular Chinese citizens. No Drama Real China asks one question (“Are The chinese rich?” as an example), and interviews several Chinese citizens for answers. The interviews include English and Mandarin subtitles, although the host is occasionally rather potty-mouthed. It’s very similar to the competent Sexy Beijing, and provides viewers an opportunity not only to hear everyday Mandarin but additionally to witness reactions to major social issues in China.

Fans of David Lynch and/or Asian horror will also gain a remove of I Am Xiaoli. I’m Xiaoli videos have a leather-clad host, a talking stuffed panda, as well as other surreal elements who teach a simple Mandarin word or phrase. These Mandarin videos are, for lack of a much better word, incredibly weird, as well as your mileage may vary.

These Mandarin video suggestions barely scratch the surface of what’s available free of charge – just type “Mandarin video” into YouTube or Vimeo, and enjoy whatever comes up.